What are Delegates ? When and why we should use Delegates in C# with example ? #AspNetInterviewQuestionsSeries

Delegates : Delegate word in English defines that entrust (a task or responsibility) to another person.Same concept is follows in C# with some additional properties. Delegates Overview : Delegates have the following properties: Delegates are similar to C++ function pointers, but are type safe.  Delegates allow methods to be passed as parameters.  Delegates can be used … Continue reading

How to acess INTERNAL types and members into another assembly ? #AspNetInterviewQuestionsSeries

Lets learn about INTERNAL keyword in C#. Basically INTERNAL keyword is an access modifier which ensures that types and members within the same assembly.  But is there any way we can access the INTERNAL  type and members from another assembly?  yeah there is actually. We can use  the INTERNALVISIBLETO keyword into assmeblyinfo.cs or onto the class at namespace level using System.Runtime.CompilerServices. Lets Code : … Continue reading

JavaScript For C# Developer

This Presentation depicts JavaScript concept for Csharp developer.It helps to understand the concepts of JavaScript resembling/differentiate them with C# concepts. It took one week to complete the fundamental concepts of angular.Js, but it took more than one month to understand the concepts of javascript and relate it to C#. So here it is: JavaScript For CSharp … Continue reading