Use Skydrive According to your need

How to use SkyDrive

i am not any promoter of microsoft’s skydrive . i just love it that’s why i m writing about it ,so many people can utilize it .

Skydrive allow us to share file securely and easily with your colleagues and friends .with skydrive you can upload your important documents , your projects , your those pics which you just want to share with your friends and girlfriend 😛 😛 🙂 .

To use skydrive you just need a Hotmail or Live id .After login in Hotmail , there you will get a option of Skydrive . Skydrive providing 25 GB space to a particular email-id (if not then claim your space ).

For Uploading Just Drag N Drop Files to the SkyDrive. 

Use Skydrive
How to use Skydrive

Share any file— even big ones Instead of running into size limits for email attachments, you can email a link to photo albums or any other file on SkyDrive.

Here’s how:
1.Upload your file to your SkyDrive (up to 2GB from the SkyDrive app on your computer or 300MB from
2.Select the files you want to send: If you’re on a phone or tablet, choose Send a link. If you’re on a computer, choose Share and then decide how you want to share: By email. With a link (handy if you want to copy and paste into an instant message or webpage). 
3.On Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more—you can share SkyDrive files with any contact or network you’ve connected to your SkyDrive account.

Create a link of your Microsoft word , Excel , Notes , Power Point Presentation with Read and Read-Write Access .

E.g showing a link of My Resume with Read Access.

Step By Step – 
1. Upload your Microsoft Word ,Excel or any document to skydrive
2. Share it with a link  , post it to twitter , or send as an email .

Sky drive is can be very Useful to any individual , Small or Big Organization  .

 1. you guys can upload your Business Excel Sheet With Read and Read-Write access so any can access that particular file from anywhere , on any available device(Phone, tablet , Laptop , desktop ) . 
 2.Again Security is a main Concern , that’s why i love it , your created link is just known by you or to the person you shared that link 😉 🙂 .

 now recruiters can see my resume online by just clicking on http://SarveshKushwaha/Resume 

Recently Google launched his Google-drive which has same capabilities like skydrive .

you can use either of them .
Ooops its Time to go at Gym, now cant write anymore about Skydrive , Bbbye 😛 😛 🙂 .

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