Posted in January 2014

Places to Learn ,Run and Test Knokout.js

Before getting dive into into Knockout we should learn where we can use knockout syntax and run them to make ourselves Knockout Developers .As some of my friends are Java developers for them I am listing some places,where they can learn and play with knockout and obviously for Dot net developers How can we setup … Continue reading

What is Knockout and Why to use it ?

Knockout JavaScript : Knockout.js is JavaScript framework which allow us to implement MVVM (Model View View-Model) UI pattern in JavaScript and HTML. Knockout.js is a pure JavaScript library with no external dependencies. It is supported on all major browsers, IE 6+, Firefox 2+, Chrome, Opera, Safari (desktop/mobile). There are many other libraries are available on the internet which providing us the same functionalists then why … Continue reading

Knockout javascript Series

As technology changing rapidly many JavaScript libraries have become the new trend .Lots of JavaScript libraries are coming to internet to make web faster and user friendly .So i am going with the time starting series of blogs for Knockout .Below you will find the knockout introduction presentation , i will describe each slide in … Continue reading