i m a freelance web developer, blogger, Online Branding and Marketing consultant, social media presence creator .

I’m an energetic, self-motivated and hard-working Developer and Information Technology Professional with experience in projects, website design and development.

Attractive personality -Loves those who love mE. -Affectionate & Secretive. -Naturally honest, generous and sympathetic. -Chatterbox! Love to talk alot! -A meaningful love life partner -Loves to get MY way! -Easily angered. -Able to cheer anyone up and make them laugh. -Very stubborn in the most way possible! -Love to get noticed! -Willing to take risks for others. -Makes good choices. -HaVE a great fashion sense! -Maybe a little too popular with others * wink wink*. -Outgoing and crazy at times! -Intelligent. -Can love as much as possible! -Hate insults. Love compliments! Trustworthy. -Appreciative and return kindness. -Hardly show emotions. -Tend to bottle up feelings. -Observant and assess others

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