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JavaScript For C# Developer

This Presentation depicts JavaScript concept for Csharp developer.It helps to understand the concepts of JavaScript resembling/differentiate them with C# concepts. It took one week to complete the fundamental concepts of angular.Js, but it took more than one month to understand the concepts of javascript and relate it to C#. So here it is: JavaScript For CSharp … Continue reading

Learn Regular Expression in 15-Minutes

What are Regular Expressions and Why we should use it ? Regular expressions are used to search, replace ,split  ,match  for substrings (“matches”) in strings. This is done by searching with “patterns” through the string . Where To use Regular Expressions ?Regular Expressions are one of the foundations of the Perl programming language and therefore … Continue reading

Javascript vallidations or client side validatios

checkboxlist validation                                                                                                                                               function GetSelectedItem()  {     var CHK = document.getElementById(“”);     var checkbox = CHK.getElementsByTagName(“input”);     var label = CHK.getElementsByTagName(“label”);     for (var i=0;i<checkbox.length;i++)     {         if (checkbox[i-1].checked)         {             alert(“Selected = ” + label[i].innerHTML);         }     }     return false;  }    textboxvalidation                        function Validation()                   … Continue reading